It’s a Bold New Year – Give It a Try (whatever that means for you)

Apologies for being a little slow with the seasonal well wishes and New Year proclamations. I’ve been busy trying something new. I made a book.

I’ve made books before but never a hard cover, hand stitched book. I actually began the project in mid-September but it took until this year to finish. It’s just that — I was trying something I’ve never done before and I felt a little intimidated.

This project isn’t a bold new action. It’s not something that will change the world. There will only be one copy and it’s for a friend. It’s just a book… with a shiny cover. So, why am I writing about this?


  • I developed a new set of skills using both familiar and new tools
  • I learned a lot
  • I solved a few problems
  • I explored something I’ve always been interested in
  • I put my heart into the work

Making this particular book was very important for me and for my friend.  Now it’s done. It’s far from perfect, but then

Perfect is the enemy of the good / Strive for excellence, not perfection

… wise words to live by.

And so whatever it is for you, give it a try this year… and then try something else. Be adventurous and be bold. Do something that stretches your abilities. Do something you’ve never done before and put your heart into it. There’s no better time than now.

Happy New Year!

p.s. Thanks to Cheryl-Ann Webster for the photos.

October morning

autumn leafIt’s quiet on the street
Sun is shining but it’s not the sun of summertime anymore
The light is softer

It poured down buckets yesterday afternoon just after lunch
Lynette and I decided not to call a taxi
A little rain wouldn’t hurt us

Walking back to the car, a couple of bicyclists passed by whooping it up
Just as the clouds opened up again
I haven’t been caught in a tropical storm like that in a while
Only this time it wasn’t quite so warm

I was soaked and dripping but I was content

Fifteen years ago today, my cousin Molly passed away
A year and two days ago Lynette’s partner, Bruce, passed away
I thought of them over tea this morning.

Tea’s done. Time to enjoy the day and do something fruitful
Maybe tidy up my garden beds or sort through my closet

I have chocolates to deliver to my niece after her marathon
and a grape pie for Bridget and Caner made from the fruits of their garden

Tonight I’ve been invited to Lynette’s sister Peggy’s for dinner
It’s Thanksgiving

Embracing the Change

embrace changeIf you live far enough north or south, you can feel the change that happens at this time of the year. In fact, you probably sensed a faint stirring around you even as the calendar turned to August. The air begins to smell and feel different. The sun shifts on the horizon. And if you live in a temperate zone as I do, you might wake one morning to find yourself bundled from head to toe making hot cereal with raisins for breakfast, and wondering when did you actually stop mourning for summer gone by? and when did you begin to look forward to all that the fall season has to offer?

When, exactly, did that mental shift towards acceptance happen?

Fall time settles us down but it also invigorates and revitalizes our senses. I’m not just thinking about how the change in weather brings out warm sweaters and hearty soups. Autumn also brings a new season of learning, renewed energy with work, and perhaps a sense of urgency to close in on your goals for the year.

We experience change around us every day and throughout our lives. It takes many shapes and many directions. At times, we fear it, resist it and eventually perhaps resign ourselves to it. But there are those magical moments when we feel it, yearn for it, and embrace it.

Sometimes we make change happen and sometimes it happens to us. But when we embrace that change, we take enormous strides toward personal growth and development.

When I accept that September has arrived — or perhaps more accurately that I have arrived at September – it becomes one of my favourite times of the year. I see potential and feel energized again.

What about you? What’s your relationship with Change these days?