I know through experience that a strong relationship is not measured by the smiles and laughter, but by how well that relationship works under stress and adversity.  I believe this is true at all scales, from personal relationships to communities and societal networks.

For a year now, the COVID-19 pandemic has tested us as individuals, as nations and as a world community.  We are tired and weary of it all – the fear, the isolating restrictions, the hyper-vigilance, and the loss.  But I don’t have to look very hard to see strong evidence of our resilience in the face of this extraordinary challenge.

And – as spring begins to arrive in my tiny corner of the world – it’s time to take in a deep breath and revitalize the resilience that exists both within and around us. 


Optimism — Efficacy

Inner Strength – Endurance

Wholeness — Resources – Reserves

Restorative – Protective — Regenerative

Adaptable – Flexible — Dynamic — Creative

Purposeful – Practical – Focused — Collaborative

Generosity – Connectedness — Sensibility – Integrity