Enhance understanding and support decisions with reliable, relevant information
As an experienced researcher I focus on the pertinent questions and select research tools as appropriate to the task. I offer an interdisciplinary approach, with specialization in cognitive mapping techniques that elicit perceptions, values, goals and assets.
Cultivate learning, adaptability, resilience and teamwork
All projects offer opportunities for people to learn and develop.  Community development builds capacity at organizational and social levels. Capacity building work enhances existing assets and skills, addresses difficult challenges, provides in-situ coaching and training, and supports transformational change.
Program Development & Evaluation
Set coordinates, focus tasks and contribute creative solutions
I work with clients to establish clear goals and measurable objectives.  Attention to relationships and results are equally important to staying focused and guiding actions.  I anticipate questions, resolve issues, work strategically, and keep a step ahead.

Every project comes with a different mix of challenges, people, opportunities and assets. I apply a wide variety of approaches and techniques as appropriate to each situation.


Creative problem solving is my passion. Shared insights and tangible results are the rewards. If work isn’t interesting, it isn’t worth doing. What makes a project interesting and worthwhile? — good people to work with, a goal worth striving for, a purposeful process.