Kim Walker

Development & Research Consulting

APPLIED RESEARCH … bringing new insights and resources to bear
CAPACITY BUILDING  … making what you’ve got better, from the inside out
PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT & EVALUATION … turning ideas into realities

The purpose of my work is to help people become more effective in utilizing their resources, protect the integrity and beauty of their environment, and build resilient communities.

I strive to accomplish this through work that:

  • Encourages respect and collaboration
  • Applies specialized interdisciplinary & creative skills
  • Fosters leadership, critical thinking, planning & good management
  • Helps communities and organizations realize their goals

About Kim

I started Community & Environment as a way to ‘live my work’ and contribute lasting benefits within my realm of influence. As a development consultant, my customized services help clients clarify issues, establish direction, develop capabilities, and implement change.

I have a reputation for my ability to bring people together to work across differences; address complex issues within the broader context; and pay attention to the details.  Clients appreciate the personal values I bring to my work.  I do what is needed to get the job done; and my energy and commitment produces high quality results.

If you find a service or idea that resonates for you and connects us with a common interest…

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