KimSenior Consultant, Kim Walker Community & Environment

M.A. (Distinction), Rural Development
B.E.S. (Honours), Environment & Resource Management

My interests in community development and environmental management have been rooted in my life experiences, nurtured through formal education, and expressed throughout my private, public and non-profit sector work. Having completed over 65 short and long-term projects in Ontario, Yukon Territory and British Columbia over the last 30 years, I  have led more than 40 inter-organizational committees and project teams … and produced a lot of reports!

It’s safe to say that at least some of this work has brought about lasting and positive benefits.  In this time span, I have gained a reputation for my ability to bring people together, work across differences, assess complex issues within the broader context, rigorously attend to details, and fulfill the objectives we set out to achieve.

My developmental approach builds capacity and leadership on both individual and organizational levels.  I carry this approach into my volunteer work as well, including most recently: strategic planning and executive hiring for the Oaklands Community Association, and career coaching for friends and new professionals.

Where do I call home?
I live in Victoria BC but my sense of place stems from family history and where I grew up.  Therefore, I have many homes – most notably Whitehorse, Prince George, Kimberley and Silverdale.  Home is where rivers flow free, valley mists comfort me, forests breathe a clean fresh scent, and mountains carry my spirit to the heavens.

Where have my travels taken me?
I am privileged to have visited some truly amazing places throughout North America and beyond… UK, Australia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Laos, and Budapest. I love to explore big cities & villages; neighbourhoods & open markets; tropical forests, northern rivers, farmlands & alpine meadows. My travels help me to reach out, stay connected and keep an open heart.

Why do I do what I do?
To feel like I’m making a real difference in the world. The older I get, the more I realize that making a difference might not have great magnitude but as long as I can achieve deep, meaningful and positive change no matter how small, I know it’s a step forward.

Where do I see my work going in the next few years?
Community Valuations and Cultural Sustainability has been top-of-mind for me for a while now. In a way, I am moving full circle (hopefully not going in circles) back to what I consider to be community & environment basics. Over the next few years, I want to work with organizations and communities to facilitate a better understanding of socially-shared values and inter-cultural competency. Incorporating my love of photography and other visual cognitive tools I see my work becoming more creative, more active and more interactive in the near future. Stay posted!