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We are still in the middle of this crazy COVID-19 global pandemic, and I am so inspired by the optimism and actions of my fellow citizens.  I am referring here to the staff, volunteers, and public participants in the Resilient Saanich initiative. Resilient Saanich is an environmental policy framework under construction by one of my neighbouring communities, District of Saanich

I recently completed my third assignment for the municipality and its Resilient Saanich Technical Committee (RSTC) — 1st a one-day RSTC workshop — 2nd a short video production — 3rd citizen stakeholder online focus groups.

This is the kind of work I am motivated to do. 

  • It aligns with my personal values
  • It allows me to be creative and fully engaged
  • It invites people to bring their best selves to the table
  • It is purposeful, meaningful, and potentially transformational

And from my vantage point, this is what I have seen in the process so far:

  • Skepticism is joined by hope for our common future
  • Everyone has shown deep commitment & willingness to do their part
  • Volunteers and participants are very generous with their time & knowledge

The initiative keeps moving, perhaps slower than we would like.  But the District Staff and members of the Technical Committee are finding innovative ways to work together and reach into the community. It’s work worth doing and worth doing well.

Keep your eyes on the horizon but don’t forget to look where you’re going. One step at a time.