Clients:  BC Ministry of Community Services & David Johns

Needs & Opportunities

Regional Growth Strategies legislation was created in 1995 to enable regional planning, particularly in high growth areas.  The Ministry sought to gain insights into the experiences of parties involved in regional growth strategies processes.  The upcoming World Planning Congress in Vancouver also presented an exciting opportunity to showcase successes and lessons.

Project Description

The project was designed to identify facilitators and barriers to the growth management strategy planning and consultation process, and implementation. Project activities involved a series of interviews and group meetings with close to 40 regional district staff and elected officials. 

Services & Deliverables

David Johns was the lead consultant. Kim Walker assisted with the following services:

  • Organizing the contacts and scheduling,
  • Developing and participating in the interviews,
  • Conducting a qualitative analysis of results, and
  • Report writing, layout and production.
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The flexible nature of BC Growth Strategies legislation has contributed to both the successes and struggles experienced throughout the province.  After a decade of regional planning, successes have been built on positive relationships and cohesive visions.  However, completing Growth Strategies have been a struggle in some regions where collaborative planning has not taken hold.  The final report contained six suggestions to advance regional growth management to a higher performance level.


The recommendations contributed to the Ministry’s regional planning review; and David presented the research results at the World Urban Forum and World Planning Congress, in June 2006.