Client: Geoscientists Canada

Needs & Opportunities

Geoscientists Canada and its member associations adopted a long term goal to improve foreign credential recognition within their jurisdictions. 

Project Description

The Internationally-Trained Geoscientists (ITG) project is a multi-phased initiative involving three main goals: 1) Mutual Recognition Agreements with compatible regulatory systems outside Canada, 2) harmonization of policies and assessments across Canada, and 3) adoption of a competency-based assessment approach for foreign credential recognition.

Services & Deliverables

Kim was contracted to research, document and assess promising practices of other professions as well as international geoscientist organizations. Wendy Martin and Loredana Apolloni were subcontracted for research and language interpretation services.

Information was gathered on registration processes, governance practices, international credential assessment policies, and competency-based assessment tools and practices. Kim then conducted additional research to support the development of two international mutual recognition agreements.  Research results were presented to the member associations and fully documented with twelve recommendations.


With this background information in hand, Geoscientists Canada continues to make steady progress in attaining their goals. They recently developed a pan-Canadian assessment framework for licensing, a draft competency profile for professional geoscientists and successfully completed their first international mutual recognition agreement with The Institute of Geologists of Ireland.