Client: Camosun College, School of Access

Needs & Opportunities

Skilled immigrants may have a reasonably high level of English skills, but at the same time lack the necessary technical language, communication or interpersonal skills to be successful in the Canadian work environment.  In response, the federal and provincial governments introduced new funding to develop flexible Enhanced Language Training (ELT) pilot programs.

Project Description

Camosun College developed new curriculum that would target a geographically dispersed audience. The government funding agent targeted four industry sectors with the expectation that skilled immigrants could fill anticipated labour shortages.  Camosun focused their efforts in two sectors to leverage the College’s strengths and industry partnerships.  However, the implications of needing to serve province-wide audiences posed the new challenge of designing and delivering an online ELT program rather than the traditional in-class approach.

Services & Deliverables

The terms of reference for this proposal was particularly complex.  Funding was contingent upon meeting several criteria within a highly detailed proposal.  Camosun’s School of Access contracted Kim Walker to coordinate the innovative program design as well as the proposal development process.

Kim’s activities included:

  • Conducting an environmental scan of industry-specific ELT programs throughout Canada to identify best practices,
  • Coordinating a team for each proposal, comprised of ESL instructors and subject matter experts in intercultural communications, an instructional designer for online teaching and industry liaisons,
  • Compiling background information such as the needs analysis and detailed information on the partners, and
  • Keeping track of all aspects of the proposal – the proposed products and their contents, the training delivery approach, project timelines and the budget package.

Kim then meticulously assembled all the information into the two final proposals.


The School of Access became the first in Canada to offer online ELT courses for internationally trained professionals living in rural or remote areas.  Online Enhanced Language Training for the workplace has proven to be a valuable addition to Camosun’s programs.  The e-Work program includes ten courses which address work-related communications as well as career building and dealing with problems in the workplace.