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It doesn’t matter what type of group you are working with, success generally comes down to how well everyone gets along with each other.  There is so much useful information out there on how to make [insert… committees, teams etc] work.  Unfortunately we often lack the time, energy or latitude to make it happen. 

In my experience, the difference between a functioning and non-functioning group is whether or not magic happens. The key is to be prepared, be receptive and be open minded.  How?

  1. Strive to create a supportive environment
  2. Schedule time to explore, play, learn, and be challenged
  3. When everyone is running around in all directions, stop for a moment to watch and listen
  4. Be patient and be accepting of others who think differently from you
  5. Don’t be afraid to reach out and face challenges together
  6. Being vulnerable and honest goes a long way
  7. Actively manage your group’s form and function, as a system