When I left my previous job, I dutifully – and happily – hosted a traditional “buy out”. Anyone with whom I had worked was invited to the local pub for a drink on me.

I asked my colleagues if they could help me to name my consulting enterprise, and needless to say they didn’t disappoint. But the next morning, I awoke still fretting over a name. So, in a fit of impatience my life partner said “Kim Walker Community and Environment”. And it has stuck.

A mouthful to say and a head scratcher to most people, including most of my friends and relatives, this is what Community & Environment means for me:


Not just a dot on a map.
Communities are physical expressions of the lives, activities and belief systems of people who form and live within them.


The essentials. 
Our environment is a web of ecological, cognitive, social, economic and cultural elements; buildings and other human or physical structures.

A solid foundation for enduring sustainable systems
requires critical understanding of the intricate relationships
between human and ecological systems.