I’ve been going through an old journal lately and discovering that I have given myself some great advice and inspiration over the years.

In October 2000, I was on the cusp of a big change in my work life – leaving a full-time job to resurrect my consulting services. In my journal entry I meandered through a lot of thoughts on Risk, Control of Destiny, The Vision, and Getting There.

In the end, the advice I gave myself was six rules to live by.  They helped a lot toward the closing of one chapter and moving on:

  1. Get things done – somehow find the energy; focus and eliminate noise
  2. Be proactive – gain some control to do what you think is right
  3. Demonstrate leadership – do the right things; well founded & defensible
  4. Be expressive and creative – don’t be a wallflower, withering and whimpering
  5. Focus on accomplishing results – rather than managing time
  6. Feed your soul