autumn leafIt’s quiet on the street
Sun is shining but it’s not the sun of summertime anymore
The light is softer

It poured down buckets yesterday afternoon just after lunch
Lynette and I decided not to call a taxi
A little rain wouldn’t hurt us

Walking back to the car, a couple of bicyclists passed by whooping it up
Just as the clouds opened up again
I haven’t been caught in a tropical storm like that in a while
Only this time it wasn’t quite so warm

I was soaked and dripping but I was content

Fifteen years ago today, my cousin Molly passed away
A year and two days ago Lynette’s partner, Bruce, passed away
I thought of them over tea this morning.

Tea’s done. Time to enjoy the day and do something fruitful
Maybe tidy up my garden beds or sort through my closet

I have chocolates to deliver to my niece after her marathon
and a grape pie for Bridget and Caner made from the fruits of their garden

Tonight I’ve been invited to Lynette’s sister Peggy’s for dinner
It’s Thanksgiving